Friday, June 24, 2016

This Weekend at Gay Pride New York

Ed and I don't normally attend Gay Pride in NYC.  To be honest, it is not as fun as West Hollywood's Pride.  The "festival" kind of blows (in comparison) and LA's Dance starts right away - and in New York you have to have a Disco nap and go to the Pier Dance and that is all just too much work for an old guy like me.


But this year, Ed and I are marching.  We will be with Ed's Tennis group.  This year, after Orlando, I think it is important to stand up and tell everyone not to fuck with us.  We aren't going away or hiding.

I worked for 7+ years at a gay bar.  It was fun, sexy and I made friends that I cherish to this day.

But, I never forgot what The Revolver was for some patrons.  A haven, a small corner that was theirs.

I used to work Christmas Eve and Thanksgiving and I loved it.  I loved it because men and women would come in, sad - often rejected by their families and alone.  And we, me - the other bartenders and the customers, we would make them part of a family.  For a few hours they weren't alone and rejected, they were part of a group that was having fun, sharing experiences and supporting each other.  For a night or a few hours or even a few minutes, they were family.

And those people, we made it through AIDS, and votes to take away our rights, and hate.  I was lucky and had family and friends to help me through that.  But for some people, we in the Gay Clubs became their family and friends.

The shooting in Orlando tried to take that away.  And so here I am.  Marching in a Gay Pride event at 57 years old, my super non-6pack, with my husband and my comfortable family.  And I am marching to say you can't take that away from us.  Fuck you.

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Anonymous said...

Straight or gay, as we get older we all select the family that is dear to us if not by blood by ideal. This incident was atrocious, regardless of what the perpetrator intended as the message. He was an idiot. Innocent people were harmed, people being the determinitive description. Thank you for walking in the parade. Hopefully one day the parade will be only to celebrate the joy of an amazing group of people and not to protest ignorance.