Tuesday, June 14, 2016

You And The Horse You Rode In On

So I kind of love Connecticut Representative Jim Hines.  Here is the Google Quote...

Perfect.  Congress has their noses buried so deep in the NRA trough, they don't see that Americans are being killed over and over.  Look, I know Paul Ryan is doing his best.  What with trying to walk the tight-rope between saying Donald Trump is a "text-book" racist and should be unfit to be President, but he's better than Hillary.

I mean the mental gymnastics needed would try the mental abilities of lesser men (witness the robotic answers of Mitch McConnell).  But another lame-ass moment of silence while you let people but AR 15s and other semi-automatic weapons over and over is bullshit.

I get that there are guns people should have. I acknowledge that.

I get that there are hunters - fine.  And I get that people want handguns for safety - fine.  I get that there are skeet shooters and target shooters - fine.

But this gun is none of the above.

This gun is designed to kill as many people as quickly as possible.  Even a "good guy" with a gun can't stop this person.  You can't carry this to stop someone else.  So screw you and the horse you rode in on.  Semi-Automatic Assault Rifles should not be purchases like Big Gulps.

I like the little Deer Head on this.  Imagine how yummy deer would be after you spray them with 75 or 100 bullets from this bad boy.  Bambi's dad would be screwed!
Dear Paul Ryan (and Bernie Sanders and others), we all know you are sucking at the teat of the NRA - that is terrible, but I get it.  But don't expect me to participate in your bullshit "moments of silence" while you do fuck all.

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