Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Arg... But this is why I wasn't a Berniac

So, the New Republic has be big who-ha on why the Democratic split came about and why it won't be mended.

And, there reason number 2 is why I could not bring myself to vote for Bernie Sanders.  I like him and his plans.  But many of the people that pushed him, pushed for Obama. And they told us they would all support him and vote going forward.  They did not.

Look at the stupid comments.  "..with the exception of the policy breakthroughs in 2009 and 2010, they've been viewed as relatively lean years..."

BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T VOTE IN 2010!!!  You let the other side dictate the terms of discussion and turned over the Senate, House and states to the oppostion.

Many people were all excited about Obama.  AND then we got semi-universal health care. That is / was a massive win and promise.  And then - to thank us all many of them stopped voting.  The hard-line Republicans crafted a narrative that the Affordable Care Act was socialism and people let them.

If you didn't vote to support Obama, what makes the rest of us think you would possibly vote to help Sanders - a much tough road to hoe.

Yes Hillary Clinton is a long time politician who knows how to get things done.  And since you don't put your vote where your big mouth is, #imwithher.

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