Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Trump is a Liar June 14 - #1

So, this is how our democracy falls.  By a media that tries to be "fair".

There is no comparison between the two.  It is like you are trying to buy a new car and the press wants you to compare a Ford to a Ferret.

Donald's Trumps speech yesterday was an exercise is lies and hate.  And look, I have no love for Terrorists, Muslim or not.  In fact, Muslim terrorists have a special hatred of gays that gives me the shivers.  So this isn't some reflexive defending of Muslims or Terrorists.  But I love the USA and the unique blend of country, freedom and honesty that we, in our best times, show.

His lies:

1) He stresses that thousands and thousands of terrorists, asylum seekers and immigrants (the same in his mind) are streaming into the US and Obama and Hillary want to let more in.  In fact, the United States takes in less than 2,000 a year and they are extremely well vetted.  (They are pouring in according to him.)

2) He says that Hillary wants to disarm Americans.  This is not true.  She may want to ban Automatic Rifles or high capacity clips - but she is not trying to disarm anyone.  This is just a lie.  But it sells guns, the NRA loves this lie.

3) The intelligence community is held back by Obama. Because he sympathizes with the terrorists.

4) The Boston Bombers came as asylum seekers (they came on a tourist visa).

I could go on, but the lies were the least part of it.  More worrying is that he doesn't seem to understand there is a difference between Muslim terrorists and Muslim people.  And he insists that Muslims are the 5th column.  To me, this is worryingly like our attitude with regards to the Japanese in World War II.

The difference was we were at war with Japan.  We are not at war with all Muslim countries - technically we are not at War with any of them.  And treating Muslims as enemies, how can you beat back ISIS or the Taliban?  We (the US and the World) need the Muslim countries not only to attack these outliers, radicals and terrorists, but provide proof there is a more democratic Muslim solution.

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