Monday, July 11, 2016

And Then There Are Voices of Understanding and Grace

I was going to write here about the voices that use shootings and #BlackLivesMatter as reasons to divide us. I had a picture of Rudy Guliani all ready - he said some despicable things.

But then...

I decided to focus on those that would unite us.

Dallas Police have been fantastic addressing community concerns and working within the system.  Police Chief David Brown deserves credit, but his entire department has gotten behind his work.

I am sure there are thousands of other polices departments like his in all parts of the country, let's hear about those.

The New York Liberty, a professional Women's Basketball team wore shirts last night that said:
to try to bring some sense to everyone that this is hurting us all.

This week has hurt us, this anger still drives us, this sense of hopelessness is toxic.  This is what we have to fight.

All lives do matter, #BlackLivesMatter simply tries to bring attention to the fact that, often, Blacks are not treated fairly by the authorities.  And those of us that are not black don't notice until they scream.  This is something else we (as whites and as Americans) need to change.  All lives matter and all people should be equal in the eyes of the law.

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