Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How do you handle one off terrorism?

We have gotten to the point that I do not understand how to handle terrorism.

I know that not all terrorist are Muslim, but the Muslim terrorist are the ones I don't understand right now.

Let me explain.  Yesterday an Islamic terrorist broke into a French Church and slit the throat of a 84 year old Priest.

Like the killer who drove down the street in Nice or the people that blew up the Brussels Airport, how do you deal with that?

When the terrorists attacked Istanbul, their motive was clear.  Turkey was participating in the fight against ISIS, and they want to change that policy.

In the same way, I understand (but do NOT agree with) the Irish Catholics attacked London in the 1970s - 1980s.  They wanted a united Ireland under Catholic control.

Or when Islamic Terrorists attack America, they want to pay us back for our actions in the middle east.

Or when Christian Terrorist kills people at Planned Parenthood, they want to destroy an organization they believe is murdering babies.

I understand the motives, although I don't agree with any of them!

But what does a kid want to change by killing an 84 year old Priest in East No-where France?

To randomly generate Terror?  To start a religious war?  What is Belgium doing that ISIS finds so evil?  How can you address these types of actions?  Do we wait it out?  Not publicize them? I know that Mr. Trump wants to ban immigration, but that does nothing but make (some of) us feel better.  Is there a solution?

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