Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Microsoft Still Gives Me NO Confidence

So I have to use Office on a PC for my work as a trainer.  That is no big deal.

But I still have to laugh at how inept Microsoft can be.  Look at the confirmation below.

It is the typical cover your ass crap including this famous line "By clicking place order, you agree to the Microsoft terms of use and sale."

Yeah, that great.  But you see, Brainiacs, I don't click [Place Order], do I?  I click [Renew Subscription].  So I have the software - and you sold it to me, but I didn't agree to anything.

Now, will I resell my 4 of my 5 seats? - of course not.  That isn't me.  But some lawyer here should be fired.  I don't mind saying that, because Microsoft lawyers are evil for pay - so whatever.