Friday, July 01, 2016

I Have Held In My Old Man Voice on Many Things, but Come On!

This was the cover of the Thursday Style section in the New York times.

Come on!

I have held in my old man voice on men's clothes a reasonable time.  "They are designed for 21 year old waifs." "The only people that care wear these can't afford them."  But this is too much. It was considered "a playful exploration of transparency" and a "new take on the Emperor has no clothes".

Really? This nincompoopery at the Paris "Men's" Fashion Week was proof that idiots will applaud anything.

Of course, that might be my old man voice.

I have even passed my "Details" years.  You know those.  The first few years you looked at the boys and the clothes.  Then at the clothes when the boys got so young it just seemed creepy...

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