Friday, July 01, 2016

Mascot of July: Bill Cunningham

Mr. Cunningham out spotting trends.
Bill Cunningham is probably unknown to many of you, as he was to me until he passed away last week (he died on June 25th)

Oddly, I have been a huge fan of his, but didn't know it was him.  You see Mr. Cunningham took the pictures for "Around Town" in the style section on Sundays.  And I like that layout.  He takes pictures of trends that are really developing - and he can spot them almost a season away.

It's fun.  Know, I will admit I only found out who he was from following a few people on Instagram (Coltan Haynes and River Viiperi - don't judge!).  But he has been doing this for years, see some of the black and white pictures below.

He used to ride his bike around town and spot fashion trends.  He will be missed a ton by models (male and female) everywhere, but also by just a lot of general folks like me.  He brought a smile every Sunday - and that is quite a feat.

Some fun shots

Some Black and White older shots.

At a runway show.  He was always there, but his best work was on the street (for me).

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