Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Meanwhile at the Dumpster Fire

Yesterday (like Monday) was all Hillary, All Hate, All The Time.
ABC fact checked most of them (guess the answer...).
Benghazi got brought up again, and although 8 Republican Congressional Reviews have found no wrong doing - yesterday one attendee said she should be executed.
Some of the Prime Time Speakers broke the pattern.

Donald Trump Junior gave what I thought was a pretty good speech.  Really, I though he did well and presented a reasonable face to the clan.  I am sure Ivanka will do the same, she is intelligent and smart.

But then they let Dr. Ben Carson loose.  My oh my.

Ben Carson brought the whole Hillary as the Anti-Christ thing around. (Last time it was "Obama as the Anti-Christ",  this time it is "Hillary as the Anti-Christ."  Apparently a sub-set of evangelicals who actually believed this about Obama and there are quotable people know who believe it about Hillary.  I find that very confusing.  I think you are stretching to come up with either of them as the literal Anti-Christ. Not just anti-Christian, but the guy (although with Hillary she has broken that glass ceiling) who will lead the minions of Satan against the second coming of Jesus when the Temple of Solomon is rebuilt.)

Carson tied Hillary to the Devil in an interesting way.  I will quote the NY Times who did a better job than I.

Ben Carson got a prime speaking slot at the convention on Tuesday evening, and he took a different approach at questioning Mrs. Clinton’s integrity. Digging into her college thesis about Saul Alinksy, the left-wing community organizer and radical, Mr. Carson suggested that Mrs. Clinton admired him. Then he pointed out that Mr. Alinsky had acknowledged Lucifer on the dedication page of one of his books, suggesting that such an association was somehow damning for Mrs. Clinton.
“Are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model someone who acknowledges Lucifer?” Mr. Carson asked. “Think about that.”
Two Things:

1. In quoting the Bible doesn't Donald also "acknowledge" Lucifer?  I mean "acknowledge" doesn't mean "to give props to", but means to "recognizes the existence of"?  Okay maybe ("maybe" - ha ha) Dr. Carson got caught in a Verbal Word Jumble - and he meant that she someone "liked" Lucifer.

2. Now, I can also tie Hillary to Lucifer.  And not just any old Fire and Brimstone Lucifer, but Prime Time Lucifer.  And I will do it as they do in the liberal hell hole of Hollywood - Via Six Degrees of (Kevin) Bacon

1-Tom Ellis Plays Lucifer on the Show Lucifer

2 - Tom Ellis played Robin Hood on an episode of One Upon A Time with Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan)

3 - Jennifer Morrison was in Mr. and Mrs. Smith (as Jade) with Brad Pitt

4 - Brad Pitt was in Sleepers with Kevin Bacon

5 - Kevin Bacon was at Hillary's New York fund raiser (Kevin Bacon for the Win!)

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