Tuesday, July 19, 2016

RNC Madness (Be Afraid - Be Vewy Vewy Afraid!)

The Slate header is as good a place as anywhere to start with a review of the Republican National Convention.  It was a sight.  I am sure it made many afraid (which was the over-riding theme), and many hate Hillary (although everyone int he room already did Hate Hillary).

Let us start, for the moment with poor Melania Trump and her speech.
So clearly, public speaking and speech writing in a foreign language is not her strong suit.  I thought she did a fine job of delivering the speech - for someone who doesn't do this all the time.  I do feel bad for her that they passed it off as hers, and it turns out someone cribbed it from Michelle Obama's speech in 2008.  Then, the response team, which is kinda of Keystone Kops-esque, couldn't decide on what to say.

They said she wrote it.  They said her English wasn't good.  It was notes from other speeches and they lost the original origin and just threw it in. Chris Christie said it was only a phrase.. when pressed okay 3 phrases and 68 words - but nothing anyway.  (And he should know, he closed the George Washington Bridge and screwed an entire town in New Jersey just because the mayor didn't endorse him.) They said the dog ate her homework.  And they said it was Hillary's fault for making Melania talk at all.

Gentlemen do not throw their wife under the bus.

Speaking of poor Melania - you do a speech and give your background, people are going to fact check.  She does not have an Art and Architecture degree.  She left after 1 year and failing multiple classes.  Now, I don't think that is a big deal - lots of people don't have a college degree that are smart and successful.  And look at her, she has done well, even before marring CarrotTop.  But don't lie about her degrees.  Now she looks bad.  And, from what I read, she never started saying that until she and Trump were dating and he didn't want to be dating a bimbo.

Most of the rest of the night was a parade of people preaching whom and what to fear and hate.  Mexicans, immigrants in general, Muslims, Syrians and, of course, Hillary.

I thought that putting up a mother to blame Hillary for her sone's death was morbid and gross. She was not factually accurate, but who cares!?  She has suffered a horrible loss and having her parade it up there was sad (and not very "positive" message-wise).

Rudy Giuliani is un-hindged.  Now, I know this because he is a former New York Mayor - and, as such, I have to listen to him bloviate all the time.  But to watch him foam at the mouth from the podium was a little sad (not mother of dead warrior sad, but more pull Grandpa out of the front yard in his underwear sad).

My favorite however was Antonio Sabato Jr., noted actor and underwear model (really - that is his claim to fame and my reason to post a picture).  He told us that Obama was a Muslim.  He could not be Christian with a name like Obama.  Now Antonio is from Rome, and he came here "the right way"*.  To model and act - then became a citizen.  And he knows that you cannot have a name like Obama and be a Christian.  Which says to me, they might want to update the citizenship test.

Still, if he dressed like this for the interview in the 1990s, I might have let him in too.

* Actually, according to Antoni himself (link) his mother was an illegal immigrant to Italy who then married an actor and they moved to California when we was 13.  So he was, you know, a "Dreamer" before becoming a citizen ("the right way") in 1996.

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