Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One Thing Driving People to Donald Trump

I have a friend who likes Donald Trump.  He has a hard, if not impossible, task in getting me on board - but he is a smart and reasonable gay man on most things.

So, I asked him to explain why?  His answer is what makes me think Donald Trump is going to win.

My friend expressed frustration with the current state of the world. In particular that our government isn't doing enough to keep us safe.

 He brought up, as an example, the recent knife massacre in Germany.  I did not argue with him, but admitted the world was scary.

The rational part of me wanted to scream, "It was a one off attack.  It was a crazy man (Muslim or not) who "admired" those who carried out public large scale attacks.  It was in Germany for God's sake, and nothing our government could do about it."

I articulated none of those.  Not because I didn't want to, or I didn't believe them, but because that isn't the point.  Here is an intelligent, successful (and cute) gay man who is simply searching for an answer.  Nothing our leaders have done "works".  So, it is - I suppose - reasonable to say let's try something we haven't done.

I disagree that electing a sociopathic narcissist is the right thing to do.  But then, I grew up with a very charming sociopathic narcissist, so I know better.  And, in looking back, I was taken in for years and years by that man (my father).

Donald Trump lies SO MUCH, that people don't believe him on most levels. Which should be a problem out of the gate.  But he has done well in business and so people give him a break on his honesty.  And they get choose which bits to disbelieve and which to believe.

Add that to a country that dislikes Hillary Clinton (let's not even go into the reasons why), and, well....

He's going win.

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