Friday, July 29, 2016

She Doesn't Soar - But She's Professional and (I Believe) We Need That

Hillary's speech last night was very good.  For her, in fact, it was almost great.

Hillary doesn't soar.  At Bill Clinton's best, Barak Obama's best and Ronald Reagan's best, their speeches soared.  You wanted to take flight with them.

With Hillary, I respect her and I think she will be a good President in Washington where good and competent are about as well as you can do.  I hope Trump doesn't win.  A lot.  I hope that a lot.

Hillary gets an extra level of distain for being a woman.  I have seen tons of buttons (at the Republican convention) calling her a bitch, slut and worse.  Chachi (Scott Biao) tweeted a photo calling her a cunt and then defended it on air.  Saying (oddly) we shouldn't call his commitment to church out. Apparently he wrote his speech at church and told everyone, so the (Fox) Newswoman asking if he tweeted that image from church too.  These are not happy people.

The Democratic convention was well done. It celebrated America and American values in a way the Republicans used to, but didn't this year.

I loved Obama's speech.  I like Hillary's.  But this one was the most heartfelt.

The parents of the Muslin Marine killed in battle moved everyone.  It isn't professional or soaring.  But it is the beautiful spirit of an Immigrant American who loves this country.

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