Monday, August 22, 2016

A Quick Update on Rio - More Later

Rio de Janerio and the Rio Olympics were fantastic.  I feel sad about the coverage the Olympics received in the United States.

Cariocans (Rio residents) watching Beach Volleyball Finals in the rain at midnight.  It was great!
No, the city wasn't unsafe.  Rio de Janerio is a city in a developing country, and -as so - it pays to be careful.  But charging all  of Rio (and Brazil) with the crime of certain areas, is like being afraid of the entire country of the USA due to the crime rates in Chicago.*

Rio did a great job.  People loved the Olympics, the Subway got done in time, the city was relatively safe (the number of athletes that were assaulted was lower than the number of athletes that committed rape at the games towards Brazilians).

Ryan Lochte is a tool - and makes all Americans look bad.  He lied, whines and leaves - letting his friends trying to cover it up.  He still can't say he lied. But he is learning from American politicians - so that is no surprise.  PS - No one in Rio believed he was robbed for a second, because a real robber would take his cell phone.  They are worth a ton in Rio.

Anyway, I'll post more later, but the people were great and I hate hearing all the shit from the US about the crime, racism and corruption.  It makes me sad.  When did we all get so freaking bitter?

*Or, imagine if we said all of Chicago is like the very worst parts of the city with riots, rampant murder and police on the take.  If you think that isn't really fair, then that is exactly what Cariocans (Rio residents) think about us.

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