Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Some Athletes of Rio (that we met)

One of the most amaing things about this trip to Rio was the chance to met a lot of Athletes.  It was really really fun.  I admire the work ethic and ability of all of these people.  Almost all were charming.  Almost (you'll have to study to see who wasn't).
This is Madison Hughes - the Captian of the Rugby 7s.  He was charming and cute as a bug!

This was Weverton - the Brazilian Goalie. The night after they won the Gold, he was at the airport and took pictures will all of the locals.  He was a huge hit.

This is Mariel Zagunis.  She is a multiple Gold Winner in Fencing.  She was super charming.

Me and Madison and Ed.  This was at another event.  He is fun.

This is Adam Von Koeverden.  You might remember him as Adam Von Kayak - he was the Mascot of the Month a few years ago.  Time has not made him pleasant.  Like, I'm sorry the sponsor brought you here to talk to people.  Next time just wear a sign that says, "Don't fuck with me, I'm cranky"

This is Alev Kelter.  She is on the Rugby Sevens Women's team.  She was also very very nice.  And maybe related to my sister in law!

Wieird picture because of the lighting for the mural. But the young lady is Lee Kiefer, a US fencer.  She wanted to met the artist so I drug her over. (I am not shy - I think we know that).

This was actually the same mural under white lighting.  The artist did this during the party.  It was a blank wall to start!

These are two Canadian Judo Team Member s- they were great.  It is Antoine Bouchard, me, Antoine Valois-Fortier and Eddie

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