Monday, August 01, 2016

If There is a Gold Medal for Bad Experience Before the Games: Gold to the Australians

The games haven't even started yet and the Australian Team is having a shit Olympics.

When the first arrived at the Village, it wasn't ready for them.  You know, no running water or electricity.  Little things.  So they stayed offsite for a week or so to training (they have a time zone issue to adapt to).

Then they moved back in and there workers are all smoking - despite the signs.  They complained, but weren't really listened to.

Then the smokers ended up starting a fire in their building.  Which no one knew about because the fire alarms didn't work.

Turns out, the fire alarms were turned off, on purpose, as they worked on the building next door.  AND, as they  were let back into their rooms, their laptops had been stolen.

They are not loving Rio.

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