Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Oy- The Excuses Start Already

Donald Trump seems to be running for Whiner in Chief.

He "wouldn't be surprised if the election is rigged."  Now, last time he said the Republican Convention might be rigged, he predicted riots and told his supporters to bring guns.  Is this what we will see coming up?  Or is just Trump getting ready to lose?

He also complained that the debates were rigged for Hillary.  And she planned the dates during NFL games, and the NFL asked him to move them.  Except....

  • The debates were set up in September 2015, by the same independent commission that sets them up every year.  So it wasn't the Democrats and the schedule was made before the NFL schedule.
  • The NFL confirmed they never asked Trump to move them. He just made that up (surprise!)
Somebody call the Whaaa-mbulance.

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