Tuesday, August 02, 2016

My Instagram Updates Lately

So, there is no simple way to load Instagram onto my Blogger account, but I thought I would share some from last week.

As you will see, my Instagram is not as focused at National Geographic's or any number of internet hotties posting half-nude selfies (not that there's anything wrong with that).

What are they, starting from the top left and going clockwise.

1) This is the top of Carnegie Hall. It used to house artists all along the top level, with more apartments in this built up section.  They removed the last of the artists a few years ago and are doing renovations.  But the detail is beautiful.

2) God Bless You Mr. Rosewater poster.  I put that up as I was going in to see the show.  It is a limited (4 performance) run at City center.  They do a different couple of musicals every year that are underproduced or lost.  Mr Rosewater was great for a couple of reasons.  It starred Santino Fontana, James Earl Jones and some other amazing actors.  AND it was based on a Kurt Vonnegut book.  I love Mr. Vonnegut's work.

3) A set of 4 Rottweilers tied up on a street we walked by.  They were very sweet - from a distance.

4) A new condo going up in Tribeca.  I love the whole Jenga feel of it.

5) A Show I reviewed called Strange Country. It was a Texas / lower class family drama.  Strong.

6) A Show I reviewed called The Iron Heel - based on a Jack London Science Fiction story about the ultimate death of capitalism and rise of socialism.  I know, weird!

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