Monday, August 01, 2016

Trump Apologizes for Attack on the Parents of Muslim War Hero (just kidding - he didn't)

I suppose there are people who read this from outside the United States - actually according to the states from last week about 440 people from the US and about 2,000 people from outside the US.

So maybe you haven't heard of the latest nincompoopery regarding Donald Trump.

At the Democratic Convention (where we "officially" nominate our Presidential Candidates), parents of a war hero spoke.  The hero, Hamayun Khan, was a Marine Captain who sacrificed his own life to protect his company.  His parents spoke about their son and how, if Donald Trump had his way, they would never be allowed to migrate to the USA (Captain Kahn was born in the UAE).

The father spoke, the mother was too torn up, and was eloquent. And they offered Trump a copy of the Constitution and said Trump had never sacrificed anything like their son did.

Okay, the only answer here is to ignore it. Seriously.  At the Republican Convention a mother from Benghazi said how she personally held Hillary accountable - despite 8 Congressional Inquiries and Justice Department inquiries and $US 2 Billion dollars spent.  But you can't argue with that.

Jut like you can't argue with the Captain Kahn's parents.

But Donald Trump has.  Slandering the mother and claiming that his job is a sacrificed equal to the lose of their son.  Donald's ex-staffers are now claiming the father is a terrorist, and perhaps the son - a Medal of Honor and Purple Heart recipient, was also a terrorist.

Trump, like many sociopathic narcissists, is incapable of admitting a mistake or apologizing. Again, I worry that this man will be President.

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