Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ah.. memories of My Father

So Saturday I got a letter that reminded me of good old dad.  "How so," say you?

Well, let me explain.

It was a letter from someone's family who is suing Kaiser Steel in Fontana. The letter stated that I worked there sometime between 1975 and 1981. And, because of asbestos, the family of another man is suing the company. They wanted input from me on this.

It was not working there then. IN 1975 - 1981 I was in High School, then USC, then UCLA.

But this WAS when my dad, in an effort to avoid taxes, used my name and social security number.  In fact, in 1980 I had to replace my SSN because it was corrupted by my dad. Try explaining that to grad school when you have one SSN associated with USC and a different one with Orange Coast College and UCLA.

So know I have to let this poor family, who probably has damn few options left, that I did not, in fact, ever work at the Steel Mill in Fontana.

And they can't ask others, that mill is long gone.


Anonymous said...

He just won't go away will he. Payback for letting him roll around in your [I forget what it was] hatchback for however long? Enough!!!

ShellyH said...

Generational debris. I have some sweeping that keeps coming up too.

The only thing left for me to say about Jerry Mitchell is that his son is an honorable and compassionate man with a moral compass that belies and far outlives his father's sins. For that, Jerry is awarded a legacy he didn't earn but the world is so much better for it. And that my darling, is everything.



Joc said...

Exactly what Shelley said! Love you, Scooter. You are a wonderful man.