Monday, November 14, 2016

The Problem with Expectations

So this week-end was fun and we saw some "big things".

Today we watched "The Arrival", which is supposed to be a smart sci-fi movie. Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner are in it, and I love them both. And it got amazing reviews.

Perhaps I would have liked it better if it got okay reviews.

It was long.  And slow. True, few people can give sad narration like Amy Adams, but is that really enough. Amy and her sad narration and Jeremy and his stoic jawline.  Come on - move along. I mean it was great and all, but seemed to be based on Kurt Vonnegut's idea from Sirens of Titan from 4 decades ago.

Saturday we saw Falsettos. Okay, this was my bad. Ed and I both read the review of Falsettos. Apparently this was done the first time in the late 1970s and early 1980s (2 one acts, March of the Falsettos, the Falsetto Land) and the new show is just about perfectly done.

Which doesn't mean perfect, but as perfect as this show can be. The stars (Andrew Reynolds, Christian Borle, Stephanie Block) are block buster amazing. AMAZING. Yet the show is about a self-obsessed gay man who wants to "have it all" at the cost of everyone around him. Perhaps this was a positive development in 1979. Now it is a self-obsessed white guy being a dick to his ex-wife and new boyfriend.

Don't get me wrong, Stephanie Block made me fall off my chair laughing. Christian Borle can carry a scene or a tune with the best of them. And I wept buckets (and laughed) during Andrew Reynolds performance. Seriously, I cried like a fucking baby.
Going for money after the show.

But I still didn't love it. I was well manipulated, but that doesn't mean it was a good show.

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