Friday, November 04, 2016

Albatrosses (Albatrossi?)

In the Galapagos, we saw the Galapagos Albatrosses. They only come to land every few years to mate and have chicks. They out they go to sea for years.
Us at the blow-hole.

Look at this, they are beautiful flyers.

But then look at this, because the are shit walkers. They were built for long flights!

In any case, we had a great time.  And like all animals in the Galapagos, they aren't afraid of people, that is cool.  Here are some pictures.
Kind of look like the old images I have seen of extinct dodos.

Here you see them click their beaks.  It is a mating, then bonding ritual. Look at the brown furry blob just in front of the albatross on the right, that is a chick.

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