Friday, November 04, 2016

See Here Is The Problem with the Echo Chamber

The problem that many of us have (both liberal and conservative) is we populate our own echo chambers. I think Trump is a disaster waiting to happen, and my news reinforces that view. Rudy Guiliani thinks Hillary is a crook and his news reinforces that.

The problem with the echo chamber is that every now and then you have to step out of it into reality. I know that there is a change (right now about a 33% chance) that the majority of voting Americans will disagree with me and vote Trump in.

Rudy needs to realize there is a reality outside of his echo chamber.  For example, he has become unhinged.  He can think
of many specific "crimes" that Hillary will be impeached over.

Humm.. Not really.

The have spent $9+ million and 7 investigations to find out she didn't do anything illegal (or even wrong) with Benghazi - despite the echo chamber.

She deleted 33,000 old emails and they want "obstruction of justice" charges against her. But that is what the Executive Branch does. Bush / Chaney deleted over 2 million e-mails that were actually about governing (and private meetings regarding energy policy). Democrats complained, but it isn't illegal.

He thinks her using a private mail server was illegal. It wasn't. Condeleza Rica and Colin Powell used private email servers.

"Bribery" - I don't know where he gets that. He might mean influence peddling - that is getting bribes. But two things.
-First: monies went to the Clinton Foundation which she wasn't part of. And that charity has a 4 start rating from charity navigator - because it does fucking good work.
-Second: EVEN if you believe that donations lead to meetings or outcomes (I believe the meetings part - maybe, but not the outcomes part), the Supreme Court in a recent decision (regarding a Republican sitting Governor) made it much more difficult to prosecute this. In that case the Governor got money and favors from a company - then awarded the company the contract. But the Court said that this didn't constitute quid pro quo.

"Perjury" - really? When? Just because you don't believe her doesn't mean she committed perjury.

You HAVE to acknowledge reality if you want to keep your country.

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