Thursday, November 03, 2016

Amazing Time (and picture at the Cloisters)

This week-end John and Sue were in town and we all bumbled around.  We did go to the Cloisters.

Of course, the Cloisters is wonderful and amazing.  Yay, yay... But a fascinating thing happened. Eddie and I were talking about this painting (which I love) and the docent / guard came over and explained it to me.  I will explain it to you. (more Cloister pictures after)...
The tryptic in question, I love the colors.
The docent overhears me speaking with Eddie.  I sam saying, "Wait - why is there a priest and a nun watching Mary and the Angel, since there where neither before Christ."  She explains....

The painting was done in the middle ages.  And the Priest and the Nun are probably representations of the family that commissioned the painting.

The center is the annunciation (where the Angel tells Mary the good news). Obviously it didn't happen in a house like this, but this is probably the "living room" of the home of the people that commissioned the painting.

The remaining third is Joseph in a middle ages Carpentry shop.  Which the commissioner might have owned a few of.
I did NOT say "Wow that Angle probably scared the poop out of Mary as she was reading."  But I did compliment the docent who told us this, without mentioning she was evesdropping.

The Cloisters that give the place the name.

Just a little detail on the columns! Cool, right?

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