Monday, November 28, 2016

How We Normalize Lies

This headline in the New York Times speaks volumes as to how we normalize the lies of Donald Trump in particular and the right in general.

Take a look at the headline. The word 'millions' is in scare quotes. Like the problem with his tweet IS NOT that there was no illegal voting, but there were "millions" of illegal votes.

So then it would be rational to assume that there were thousands of illegal votes, right?

BUT THERE WEREN'T. If you can prove a dozen illegal votes plus 1, then you would have "proved" more illegal votes that ever before.

But what does this do?

Well, it does make the claims on thousands of illegal votes seem reasonable.

And 7,000 (ish) votes is what separates the Governor-Elect  (Democratic)  of North Carolina from the sitting (and not moving) Republican Governor.

The Sitting Governor is claiming voter fraud on a grand scale. In a state where other races went wildly Republican - Trump won and the Republican Senator won.

So why is the sitting Governor - who pushed through the gay bashing laws - fighting the losing fight.

Well, if he can drum up enough baseless support for "widespread illegal voting", the state legislature (Republican) can say the voting was inconclusive and install whoever they want. Really.  So Donald Trump's tweets - in context - make it seem reasonable that thousands of votes might be wrong. (link)

You may think that this type of banana republican shenaigans wouldn't happen in the United States -where government is serious and fair. But let's take a quick look at North Carolina in this election cycle.

Pre-election, their new voter laws were ruled illegal as they were designed with (quoting the Republican Judges) "to reduce the black vote with surgical precision").  The laws were overturned, but it as too late for the people that were removed from the voting rolls illegally.

The Day before the election, the Republican Party sent out a press release congratulating the party on the reduced percent of black residents voting early, siting this as proof that their methods were successful.

Now, the Republican Governor was defeated when most Republicans won - almost surely due to the effects of HB2, the bathroom law, that has cost NC billions of dollars, but more importantly lost them sports championships games. He is trying to prove that fraud happened to him alone.

And in the bonus round for the Tarheel State.

After the election, it turned out that the State Supreme Court flipped one Republican Jurist to Democratic (by a margin on 9 points) making the State Supreme Court Democratic Majority. The legislature is now trying to pass a law to add 2 seats to the State Supreme Court, and have them appointed by the end of the year when the current Republican Governor (Mr. Sore Loser) can appoint them. (link)  And that, ladies and germs, is truly a undemocratic move.

Now THAT is how to destroy a democracy, by undermining the faith in it.

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