Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Week-end and the Feinbergs

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Eddie and I had Randy and his son over for Thanksgiving and Ed made a delightful bird. It was quite yummy.

Unfortunately, I took no pictures.

On the other hand, pictures were taken with the Feinbergs. Every Thanksgiving Gavin and Mickey, as well as his sister Mel(issa) and Lynette come out to have Thanksgiving with their sister, Leslie and her family. Most years a big brood shows up at Leslie and Dean's house and the spread is laid for a (large) family dinner on Thursday and an even larger friends and all open house on Friday.
Table 1

Kid's Table.

But this year, Leslie's new home wasn't ready (despite a promise date of September). So events were held in the city. These pictures are from the upstairs room in the restaurant before 5 more people showed up!

Sunday we had brunch with the four of them, plus Sean and his daughter Engala from Connecticut - and Fred, who they had meet on vacation.
Sean, Engala, Eddie and I

Then Eddie and I went with to Colombia with Lynnette, Mel, Gavin and Mickey. Turns out both Gavin / Mel and Lynnette's fathers had all attended. So it was fun.
Under the Gate (a pretty lousy gift for the roaring 20's IMHO).

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