Monday, November 28, 2016

One of the first times I have self-censored my actions because of Age

So it is no surprise I am old. I look fine (I think), but let's face it 57 3/4s is walking the wrong side of middle age. I don't usually let it effect me.

And for the first time, I totally let it run what I wanted to do.

I like a young singer named Troye Sivan. He is Australian and has an amazing voice - I fell in love with him before I knew his age. Before I knew what he looked like, they announced a tour and he had a stop in New York. Now, I know his fan base was underage, since the concert started at 6PM. But I got some tickets, it would be a kick.

And, since he isn't US famous yet, it was in a relatively small venue and would be cool. Since he isn't well known in the states, no one wanted to go with me.

So now, BEFORE you watch the clip below. Turn away from the screen and listen to the voice. He doesn't sound like a child. He's got a beautiful voice.

Since then I have seen some of his stuff from Jimmy Fallon and the Ellen show and he is very young. I think he's 18 now. And I totally couldn't go because I was afraid I would look like the creepy old guy. And, even though I don't find him attractive (I really do prefer men, not boys), the fact that he was gay made the whole thing creepier.

So I didn't go.

Since then he released an album of remixes, with 3 live songs on it and I feel sad I missed it. I really love his voice. But I still wouldn't go, because it would be creepy.

I old and that makes me sad.

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