Wednesday, November 09, 2016

So Long Nincompoopery (Updated)

Well, it was fun while it lasted. In 1999 I had to start a blog for work (I was an Internet Product Manager) and I have kept it since then. True, I had a mishap in 2004, so the previous entries are gone, but a long history of my life since 2004 is in the archives.

But it is time to end it. Our new President Elect campaigned on a platform of closing a free press and his voters have harassed anyone who disagrees with him.  Now, with the full weight of the US government and security apparatus behind President Elect Trump, I don't feel comfortable expressing my opinions.

No blame, just honest.

So I think it is time for me to exit blogging now. Nincompoopery was a word my dearly departed friend Lauren loved. It was from Auntie Mame when the banker (Mr. Babcock), in a moment of frustration, couldn't find the perfect word to describe what shenanigans were going on around him. We loved that word since it pulled so much humor, zest, confusion and frustration into one non-curse word. It described the world as I wanted to see it. Not hateful, not evil but wild, confusing, funny and challenging.

I don't find that word describes how I feel right now.

I leave you with Kurt Vonnegut from Piano Player as a scientist shows his totally disorganized lab to a colleague. The visitor looks around the room in disgust and the scientist says, "You think the office is a mess," and points to his brain, " should see up here".

[Nov 11th, 2016]
Lynn and Ed asked that I continue. Lynn because it is how she (and she assumes others) keep up to date on Ed and I. That is fair. Ed because he thinks it is important for my mental state for me to have an outlet (which is a nice way of saying it helps me not be too crazy).  That is also fair.

Since I will do this anyway - probably in a few weeks, I wanted to start today.  To understand read above.


Carol said...

It's a sad day for democracy that you don't feel you can express your opinions without the fear of harassment Scott. I will miss your insight to the US political machine, theatre reviews, holiday snaps and your little anecdotes about life. It's the end of an era in more ways that one as we all face this new world together. I thank god I live in New Zealand. At least we're at the bottom of the world and so small and insignificant that chances are if owt happens we'll be the last to be picked off. See you on FB and you and Ed Downunder sometime. xx

Anonymous said...

Perhaps in a day or two you will reconsider. He won't have the power to do what he says he will or can do. But if you can't you can't. I miss your physical presence and I will miss your words.