Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Some Other Birds of the Galapagos

In the galapagos we saw much more than just Boobies and Albatross - we saw some other very cool birds.  Here is a partial list from the pictures Ed and I took.

That's right, we saw greater Flamingos

This is a "Hood" Mockingbird. These guys are from the island of Espanola, which is very dry. So they have learned to puncture humans water bottles and drink from them. Therefore, they came very very close to us.

These are swallow tailed gulls.  They were super cute and cool looking I thought.
This is a yellow crowned Heron. Eddie thought he looked like the evil genius from any number of bad stories.

This is a yellow warbler. He look particularly bright on the lava flows.
This is an American Oystercatcher. He was cool

These are frigates grabbing fish. The were odd because they normally steal food from other birds.
You usually see frigates in flight.  They spend most of their time over the water.

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