Friday, December 16, 2016

Call to a Partner Who Can Create Posters!

Here's a Million Dollar Idea that will be immediately diluted so that no one can make money off it. - someone should create a set of posters for the New America. Based of tried and true work of the Soviets.

For example.  Use the image below, but replace the worker with an image of Trump, done in Red, White and Blue. The raining papers should be titled with items like "Tough on China", "Build the Wall" and "End NAFTA".

Some small changes to the cityscape background and make the words at the bottom MAKE AMERICA GREAT and ta-da.

Or how's this....

Change the flag below to a long stars and strips in red, white and blue. Photoshop the worker to be a little thinner (it is, after all, America) and change the Russian to English that says, "Free America Workers To Be The Best" on the flag and "Make American Great Again" on the bottom.

1 comment:

Joc said...

Great idea. And I can rant and vent on Nincompoopery without breaking pledge to avoid politics on Facebook!

BTW, I can't design worth shit but I like the idea.