Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Maybe My Odd Little Brain WILL Save Me

The new President is giving me angina.

Which, by the way, rhymes with the way he pronounces China.

Angina also rhymes with vagina, which is where he brags of grabby women by, but in cruder terms.

Look, right there!  You see, my brain is a random conduit of connections that may break me or, hopefully, save my sanity for at least a few months of President Pussy-Grabber's reign.

I saw a picture this morning of a gorgeous detail from a building. Here is the glimmer of beauty I saw.
Look at the detail of the light, and the faux cravings of me along the entryway!  Cool, huh?

Now, you might say, "That is pretty, but how can that help you with your sanity?" (yes, intended echo reference back to Starry Starry Night).

Well, here is the picture where it grabbed my attention (actual size).

And I clicked through to see the detail. And my brain edited out the big orange thing in the middle.

My brain is working overtime to keep me sane.

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