Monday, January 30, 2017

Instagram Pictures from Last Week in Cuba

Again - you can always follow me at scott9m. I was in Cuba doing research for the non-profit I work for But we also found time to see some of the city, a little of the countryside and celebrate a couple of birthdays.  Here are the pics - in kind of reverse-ish order.
This is the Jose Marti Memorial Tower. It was completed in 1958 and anchors the Plaza of the Revolution. At the top is a view of the city in a space where the mosaics are stunning.

These are all from the Christopher Columbus Cemetery. Some of the most beautiful are from a large monument to fallen Fire Fighters. I am in love with the Art-deco Pieta in the lower middle square (where Mike Brady would be).

This was (honestly) just a simple shot of cars outside our AirBnb window.

We took a day trip out to Vinales in the West. It is covered in karst caves and valleys.

More pictures of the mosaics (as well as Ed, myself and Suzanne) in the Jose Marti Tower.

Eddie and I in old town.

Me on top of the Hotel Saratoga. It was one of the few spots that you could purchase internet wifi from. We had drinks and internet there a couple of times. That is the Capitole in the background and further is the gorgeous Theater.

A night at the Tropicana.

The roof deck of the restaurant La Gaurida

I was taking a selfie in the tower of the Cathedral with Suzanne in the background and the ocean behind here (too bright to see). Eddie photo-bombed me.

It was Eddie and Suzanne's 50 birthdays. We got a cake, but I also got a shot of the old folks having to use their iPhones as flashlights to read the menu.  I'm funny.

This was a very hip bar that Suzanne's sister, Dianne, found for us. It was not easy to find, but well worth it. As for the picture in the upper right. The bartender was cute as hell, so I was going to take a picture "of the bar" and happen to get him in it. The waitress totally read me and got in as well.  And who is the woman with me (and my fat) on the bottom left? Someone who just ran into the frame as Eddie was taking a picture of me.