Monday, January 30, 2017

Most of President Trump's Actions are EXACTLY What He Said He Would Do

UPDATE : 1/30. President Trump just signed an order for item Day1.3, so even more.

I understand many people are upset by President Trump's Actions.  Fair enough.

But more of those people should have voted, because the President is doing EXACTLY what he said he would do. Except for the empty rhetoric bits.

If you all remember, Donald Trump gave a speech where he laid out his "Day 1 Actions" (which he later said would be week 1 - and I gave him credit for all of those) and his Day 100 Actions.  Here is his scorecard....

Okay here on his campaign "Promises" section he has pretty much blown them all off.  He has officially dropped the ideas of:
  1. Special Prosecutor for Hillary Clinton (and in fact he and 1/2 his staff are using private servers).
  2. Putting his company into a blind trust. He says he doesn't have to.
  3. Changing libel laws (BUT Kellyanne Conway is threatening to have reporters fired).
  4. He DID settle the Trump University Lawsuit.
  5. His spokesman said his taxes will never be released because "the election adjudicated that", when in fact, the election adjudicated they were alright with waiting until after the election.


Now we get to the meat of the matter. He has promises on  Day 1 and have done a great job. He issued Executive Orders on 1.2, 1.4 and 1.5. I don't know about 1.6 But that is a great score for keeping promises for a President. At least 60% here.

He does okay for the section on Day 1 items to he says will help workers. I disagree with Wrkrs.2 as I think the TPP would help with jobs, but it is easy to demagogue. As for the Keystone XL and Dakota Pipelines, he did what he said he will do. My opinion, I think the pipelines are better than the alternatives - good for him. At least 50% here.

As for Wrkrs.5, well this is really tricky. Congress (particularly a Representative from Utah) has made it easy to sell off access rights to national land by setting the current value as $0. So they can give it to the states who can then sell it without having to find the money to give the feds.  So if a company is mining on federal land and paying the government $5 Million per year, they used to have to make up those funds in full before selling the land.  Now it doesn't make any difference what the land makes or might make, the states can sell it to their friends investors for a minimal price. I don't see how that helps workers, but okay.

Oddly enough, he does the worst here, but has caused the most outrage. I don't think I need to say more about this. Giving him half credit for the items he has started, 33%.

I also have his delineated list for the first 100 days - and I'll share that in April. Be warned (those of you that care) that it includes a "full repeal of ObamaCare".

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