Monday, January 30, 2017

So As I Get Ready to Post Cuba Pics Over the Next Few Days....

So, as I get set to keep my sanity and post Cuba pictures over the next few days, I thought I would start with these two.  More daily.

This is the picture as we flew into Cuba, just east of Havana. We didn't get to the beach (I am 57 and have no need to show my girth thank you), but we did visit the countryside later.

This is the same model and year of car that brought us into Havana from the airport.  I thought it was a Nash Rambler, but it is a "Rikard" (i think). A 1957 German car that did crap out on us on the highway from the airport. The driver freaked out, just like the old days, and flooded it trying to start it. 

He didn't make us push it in order to jump-start, but we did have to wait while gas evaporated and we could go.  Mucho honking was heard.

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