Tuesday, January 31, 2017

La Garudia Restaurant

Now last time I was in Havana (17 years ago) - it was tough to find food - almost no restaurants.  Now it is tough to get reservations at the best.

We walked to La Gaurdia one night without reservations. We almost missed it as it was in a derilect building, where the front door man said "La Gaurdia" in the same tone that people in Hawaii used to say "Weed"?

I put my name on the list, in the off chance that someone didn't show up.

Now, to get to the restaurant you have to enter a building that is abandoned on the first 2 floors. It's much darker than my pictures makes out and kind of freaky.  Remember we go into the dark building after being "psst"ed by the doorman.

Ed and Suzanne enter. So far, it was NOT looking promising...

After you go up a couple of flights, they sent us up another flight to the bar to wait to see if a table would open.  Okay we go to the roof-top bar, and it is stunning. A neon picture frame framed the view. We had a couple of drinks, ate a great appetizer and though, dang it, we missed eating here.

Then, just as we were about to leave, then sent a runner up to tell us that a table was ready if we wanted it.

Eddie and Suzanne and I ate on a sheltered outside patio. I had some of the best Ropa Veija ever.  I also made fun of Ed and Suzanne - both turning 50 that week - since they needed their little iPhones as flashlights for the menu.

But all was forgiven with a great piece of chocolate birthday and a sparkler.

We had a lovely time and a great dinner. But, as we were walking done the 3 flights to the exit, the power went out everywhere. It was hilarious to watch a bunch of well dressed and well off people traipsing through a semi-abandoned building using their phones as flashlights. And giggling.  For those us going down, in fine humor - for those going up, in uncomfortable fear.