Sunday, January 15, 2017


So the Republican Legislature of North Dakota is annoyed at on-going protests of a oil pipeline. The pipeline in question would go under the Missouri River on Indian Reservation land.  The Indians are protesting.

Quite beyond the native heritage idea, the river is the water supply for the reservation. This might be seen as petty except that, during the stand off, an oil pipeline in another part of the state DID burst and leak a lot of oil underground.

Anyway, it has been impossible to make the Indians and their supporters leave. Finally President Obama required the pipeline to be rerouted (something one expects President Trump to change).

In any event, the North Dakota legislature has been trying to understand how to resolve this in the future.  they have come up with a fascinating idea. Make it legal to hit pedestrians on public highways!

Really.  Here is the link to the Bismark paper.

Gives a completely new meaning to "blood for oil".

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