Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pick Your Battles - Rick Perry will Be Fine

Kids, constant outrage is silly - you have to pick your battles.  For example, this is dumb...

Sure Rick Perry is a Climate Change Skeptic - but we have seen he is open to change. He has run a giant bureaucracy, so that will be good. And he likes Wind Power.

The 8 "reasons" are kind of valid, but will be the same with anyone our new President chooses.
  • He opposes the Iran deal. Every Republican did - and you know Trump won't pick a Democrat.
  • He is a Climate Change Skeptic - every Republican is.
  • The Department of Energy is mainly concerned with Science and he's not a Scientist. Look, we got lucky with Obama. President Obama got a Nobel winning Scientist in there.  That is pretty rare. And, with Trump who is "really really smart" and doesn't trust "elites" - you think we'll ever get a Scientist back? Then you're living in a dream world.
I am not saying I love me some Rick Perry. And I could make fun of him easily (and humorously), but why? We need to pick our battles for the really horrible things. And trust me, they're coming. So lay off Ricky.

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