Friday, January 13, 2017

This Week in Nincompoopery (Thursday Jan 13th Edition)


This week in Nincompoopery, I give not so much in the way of LINKS, as it would be depressing. I used the headlines from Salon, but you can find these stories anywhere (including Fox), but Salon headlines fit my blog format best.

The "War on Whites"? Well, if there is true "war on whites" then "they" have totally lost! It is the whitest cabinet since Gone With The Wind came out. 

Asking a person who voted against the Voting Rights Act, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Bill, who called Roe V Wade an abomination and chanted "Lock Her Up" during the campaign, if he is really willing to function as the chief lawyer to defend all those laws isn't a War on Whites.  It is a set of fair questions. He answered that he would, and he is going to get confirmed.

Asking questions of a nominee is part of the Constitution - not a "war".
Ethics is  super-duper important when Hillary Clinton is involved. But if the Independent (and no, in this case it does NOT mean Democratic) Federal Ethics head says that Donald Trump's divestment is not adequate - the answer is not to threaten him. 

As any true Republican knows (and Mr. Trump knows), the appropriate answer is to ignore him.
Despite the fact that Mr. Carson said Mr. Carson wasn't up for heading an agency, his hearing was actually rather sedate. Only Elizabeth Warren pressed him, and only on the fact that a lot of money from HUD goes to Donald Trump's businesses.  Was there a problem with that?  Mr. Carson, unclear on any number of items, - and the basic tenets of the English Language responded, "It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American."

Which was both a huge gaffe and possibly his most honest answer all day.


And Donald Trump thinks we are living in Nazi Germany. And he might be right, but not why he thinks.

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