Saturday, January 14, 2017

Who Knew! (Miles Malleson Edition)

So I saw Yours Unfaithfully at the Mint Theater last night.  No review yet, it is still in previews. (Opens Jan 26th).

But I was honestly shocked and delighted. It is an unproduced 1933 play (therefore getting its World Premier) by a "noted" British Playwright.

And by "noted", I mean noted then, not so much now.

Miles Malleson wrote this.  It is the story of an open marriage between a husband and wife. And it isn't very judgemental.

Now, it is a drawing room comedy, so there is a LOT of talk, but I do love those. At the end of a good drawing room comedy you want to go out and participate in a deep - or at least stimulating and witty - discussion with friends.

I quite loved it.  Which is my common reaction to a good drawing room comedy, but verbally and mentally. "I quite loved it."

Lovely Max in the show (with Mikaela Izquierdo and Elisabeth Grey)

It does seems very much ahead of its time, until you read the story of Miles, who had an open marriage with his three wives.  It also draws of the lives of Bertrand and Dora Russell - who ran the school the Mallesons sent their children too and also had an open marriage.

As for Mr. Malleson, he was - by all accounts - a wonderful Shakespearean  stage actor. Who later thrived as the genial "fool" in movies.  The picture top left is from Alfred Hitchcock's Stage Fright.  And below, from The Importance of Being Earnest.

With Dame May Whitney in the Importance of Being Earnest

One final word. The show, which was delightful, starred Max Von Essen. Ed and I have met young Mr. Essen a few times and he is charming. He was Migaldi in Evita and nominated for a Tony in "American in Paris". His voice as a singer is unparalleled. I saw Max in "Death Takes a Holiday" the musical and Ed and I have seen him in Christmas concerts.  I did not know he was in the show and it was a great and happy surprise (but no songs in this).

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