Thursday, February 16, 2017

If You Want to Understand Our President: Understand This Man

At the risk of repeating myself, if you want to understand Donald Trump and his success, understand this man, my father.

My father with wife number 6 and 9 (he married her twice!)
You see they are (in the case of my father - were, but let's not quibble) narcissistic sociopaths. And I by that I mean, literally - not figuratively.

Narcissistic - as in the truly self-obsessed and egotistical. We all have a little of this, but the President and my father had it in droves. It drives out almost any other emotions.

Sociopaths - not as in antisocial but as in "lack of conscience and disregard for prevailing societal norms".

So, self-obsessed and not constrained by society.

Now, in the case of my father, it was manifest in the need for constant sexual conquest. The absolute need to be the focus of one's person's desire. Oddly, once he had that affirmation / conquest, he was surprisingly uninterested in the follow up. 

It led him to marry and divorce around 14 times (counting unmarried women he had children with, repeated marriages and bigamy).

In the case of Donald Trump, it seems manifest by the need for public admiration and, now, adoration. You see it in his rallies. He is having a new campaign rally this week-end. A CAMPAIGN RALLY. He is already President! WTF.

I know WTF. Some people see this as his running for a second term, but I see it for what it is - a desperate need to adoration - a need that being President does not fulfill.

In the worst of all worlds, Donald finds adoration from attacking other countries. One hopes this never happens.

If not, I think (hope - pray?) that his Presidency ends like my father's marriages - prematurely as he looks for another conquest. Leaving a horrid taste in the public's mouth so we won't elect anyone like this again.