Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No, the problem IS breaking the law..

So Mad Dog Flynn is out of the administration.

And Trump says "The problem isn't Flynn but who is leaking."

Um... no. Michael Flynn broke federal law. That is the problem.  Let's not look past this. As President Obama put new restrictions on Russia, Mr. Flynn called the Russian ambassador five times in that same day.  He stated, multiple times to the press and his protector, Vice President Mike Pence, that he did not discuss the sanctions.

Mad Dog is an Idiot.

Apparently he is remarkably unaware of national security policies, for being on the national security council.  We record the conversations of Russia's Ambassador. Doh!

Do the Department of Justice, weeks ago, tells the Trump Administration that Michael Flynn has broken the federal laws and is now at risk of being blackmailed by Russia.

The Trump Administration does nothing, but continues to invite him to National Security briefings.

The CIA is about to pull his clearance, and the details are leaked.

Mr. Flynn changes his story to "maybe we discussed sanctions, I'm not sure." And apologizes to Mike Pence.

Last night at 6:30, the President (per his spokeswoman) is 100% behind Michael Flynn. A few hours later, according to his spokesman, the President is now investigating the Michael Flynn "situation".

And those investigations led President Trump to say that the "leaks" were the worst part of a story about a member of his administration breaking federal law, lying about it for weeks and being open to Russian blackmail.

Well, I am sure the House will investigate this fully, right?

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