Monday, May 01, 2017

The Daily - You Should Listen

I don't know if you have ever listened to a podcast. I sure didn't used to.

But I was started recently because I was sucked in by "Searching for Richard Simmons" and "Sh*ttown".

And I am now struck by how great the New York Times' podcast, The Daily, is.

The Daily is a M-F daily podcast that covers one, sometimes - two, stories nicely. Today's story  was about what happened, what is happening and what will probably happen next with Venezuela. It is the story of a leftist government that has crashed and it ruining the country for everyday people.

The Daily has covered Trump a lot, but not in the way you expect the "liberal New York Times" to do it. The Daily host is pretty neutral. He might bring on people who have a strong position and opinion, and he gives them the room to speak.

I heard him about 10 days ago talking with a Coal Miner in Kentucky. This man has his hopes in Donald Trump and hopes for opening the mines back up. The host treated him with respect (as you would expect), but also allowed the miner to talk as long as he wanted.

When the miner was wrong (at least what I think of as wrong), the host didn't correct him. The idea was to understand his point of view.  It was eye opening. A little sad, but eye opening. I mean, this man was raised in a mining family. He wants coal to come back. It was a little sad, because it isn't coming back, regardless of who's President. But I understand more now that I did at "why don't they get it?"

And it forces you to tune into something more than the pro or anti Trump fever deream day after day. The Daily opens up your news appetite and what you consume. I think we can all overdoes on the latest outrage from the left or right.

It's about 20 minutes (a good commute or walk the dog length) and updated every morning at 6AM.  give it a try. You'll like it. Or you'll unsubscribe.  It's free.

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