Thursday, July 27, 2017

Look Over Here! Look Over Here!

In a transparent and obviously timed gesture to throw his base something... anything... President Trump "announced" that Transgender people will no longer be allowed in the military.

Before we get into the details of why this is stupid, let's talk about the method of "announcement". It was done via twitter - detail below (you have to read the 3 tweets from bottom to top, because newest tweets show up over older ones).

Despite his comments that "the generals" wanted this, President Trump didn't brief the military or the Secretary of Defense - who is out on vacation this week. So when transgender people CURRENTLY in the military and serving our country - asked what this meant, their commanders had no idea. When the press asked the Military, they said talk to the President. When the press asked the President's spokeswoman, she said ask the President and the Military (which they were doing, but okay..)

So it was half-assed and cooked up to make the base happy.

As for the "justification" that there would be "tremendous medical costs" - huh ... no. The guidelines on transgender troops state that transitioning must occur before they join the military.

As for the "justification" that there would be "disruption" - no. The military has already implemented this (for over a year) after working internally to define the best way to do it.

Look, I get that transgender and gender fluid people are confusing to those of us who are traditionally gendered. I was born a guy and want to be a guy. But confusing what bugs you and what makes someone unable to serve their country is wrong. It was wrong when it was the rich versus the poor in olde timey times. It was wrong when it was segregation before 1950 and it was wrong before it was sexual orientation in the 2000s. People who want to serve and protect the country, our values and our safety are to be admired, not denigrated. Certainly not denigrated 140 characters at a time.


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