Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Delta Keeps Asking For Feedback and Ignoring it

Delta keeps asking me for feedback on flights. And I keep referring to a trip we took a few years ago and the dumb response of the Sky Club "team". Since I keep having to write it down, I said I will include it here so I can just copy it.

Labelled "Delta" and "Delta Feedback". If they ever respond I will remove this.

Here is the question and my response.

Full transcript below (for copying next time the ask me):
So, since you've never responded, I'll say it again.

Once, after a hurricane had the cancellation of our direct flight from St. Martin to NYC, we were put on a trip via ATL. We were in Business/First and went to the Sky Club. At the Sky Club we were told we weren't allowed in because St. Martin is not an international destination. It is international - your Sky Club members are stupid or disingenuous (my guess is that you don't consider Business / First Caribbean flights to allow access to Sky Club - but St. Martin is a Dutch / French territory and therefore the definition of "International"). If the rules are International Business outside the Caribbean - say that.

Since it was a hurricane that cancelled our original flight, AND we were originally booked on a Business / First non-stop, I thought this was petty. I asked for the Sky Club's attendant's name, and she wouldn't give it. I asked for the manager. I explained the situation to him and he also told me that St. Martin is not an International Destination. Again - that is not factually correct! You don't get to choose what "International" means. When I went to ask the supervisor's name, he would not tell me and instructed everyone to cover their name tags. I asked again and said I could just take a picture and forward that on.

Then I was threatened with the police. That is not something I wanted.  Note: I did not curse or yell. I know better than to go off at an airport. I did explain what "International" meant, and asked them if they meant that destination was not covered by the Sky Club International Business First policy. But the refused to talk to me. I have now written you a number of times.

I will put this on my blog - visits to date "Pageviews all time history - 984,618". Not to be difficult or embarrass you, but because you keep asked for my opinion ("We are constantly striving to provide a great customer experience") and I am tired of writing it down over and over. Once you respond I can remove it.  Thank you. LINK

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