Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Some General Lisbon Shots

Some general Lisbon shots.

Portugal is very proud of it's explorers. I think our guide was surprised that Americans knew so much about them - because I think other European countries don't know. But we learned about them in school.

So one stop was the monument to explorers above and below. The man at the front is Henry the Navigator. He did not navigate - hah! fooled you. Henry the Navigator was a Prince who started many schools for Navigation and invested in explorations. This is where Portugal got rich, and their colonies (Brazil, Goa, Angola, Mozambique and the Canary Islands).

The fountain below is in front of the Jerpohimas Cathedral. It was lovely inside.

Once inside we found this, Vasgo De Gama's tomb!  It was cool (but our guide was surprised we were excited).

As for the new header (reproduced below). That is from a room in the Sintra Palace that is all tile work.  The walls are ceramic tile from pre-1600!  Still there and pretty.  The roof is painted with coats of arms of royal families.

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