Friday, August 11, 2017

Talk About Working to Find the Bright Side - thank you Bloomberg

Wow... this is hell of a story from Bloomberg. I will say the title here is better than on my Apple News Feed - which just said:
Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions

But not much better. The real story here is that our national life expectancy has gone DOWN! When this happened to Russia (after the collapse of the Soviet Union) we worried (and felt superior to them - let's admit it) because of rampant alcohol abuse and lose of middle class opportunities.

Well it is happening to may of us Americans now, only with drug abuse instead of alcohol (we prefer Oxycontin and heroin to Vodka).

Now if you read the article, it turns out that this is happening to Canada and Britain as well. Experts aren't sure why. Partially the recession and the cuts to the safety net.

Not cited I guess that it might have also to do with climate change. Both directly (we have had over 100 "thousand year weather events" in the past decade) and - more importantly - indirectly. That is, our bodies have to work harder in the heat or live with more air conditioning - which is great, except we don't get the air cleaned all that much (don't believe me - look at your AC's filter!).

In any case - heigh ho, we're off.

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