Thursday, December 14, 2017

HOw Lucky Was I At Farinelli And The King

Mark Rylance - having a problem with "time"
I went yesterday to see Farinelli and the King with Mark Rylance (who is fantastic in everything I have seen so far!!!).

They tried to recreated, in a way, the candlelit theater in England. So the great majority of the lighting was Candlelight. In building the set, they have to adjust the front of the house a little and my seat ended up being front row center!
The view from my seat!!!! (Taken after the show)
Because of some scenes I was pointed out (as the poacher), danced with the Queen and shook the King's hand (Mr. Rylance!). I was a bit thrilled;  I hadn't expected that seat (I bought it a long time ago and didn't know where it was).

I was right in front of the usher standing in the middle
As for the show. Stupendous. Mark Rylance plays the brain addled King of Spain and Farinelli is the castrate opera star brought in to heal him. Sam Crane was great as Ferinelli, but the true winner was James Hall who sang the part (Mr. Crane plays the role, but when singing occurs, Mr. Hall comes out and belts the Operatic tune).

Mainly lit by candles.