Monday, January 15, 2018

How The Hell Did We Get to This Shithole? (Sorry "shithouse")

Let's take a quick look at the way a tale of Trump ineptness rolls out, that screws Americans.

Jan 3 - Leaks emerge about the new book Fire and Fury

Jan 4 - Trumps threatens to sue publishers, writer and anyone close to the book

Jan 5 - Book is released

Jan 6 - Trump tweets that he is not only a "genius",  but a "very stable genius" (VSG)

Jan 8 - To prove that he is a very stable genius, he hosts a meeting on immigration where he lets the cameras in. During this meeting, the VSG changes position on DACA at least twice (DACA refers to children who were brought into the country when they were under 12 - and have been crime free since - they have been free from deportation, until Trump turned that back and gave Congress 6 months to fix it.
Ultimately VSG Trump told the participants that if they can come up with a plan - he'll sign off and take the heat.

Jan 10 - Senators Durbin (D) and Graham (R) present the Senate DACA / Immigration compromise.
Trump is livid. Although he gets some border security fencing, an end to family reconciliation immigration and the visa lottery - the plan includes giving green cards to some people here for humanitarian reasons from Haiti, El Salvador and Nigeria.
Trump asks, repeatedly, why we are letting immigrants in from these "shithole countries"

Jan 11 - White House does not deny comment. Durbin and Graham acknowledge he said this.

Jan 12 - Republican Senators Cotton (R) and Purdue (R) can't remember what they heard

Jan 13 - Preident gets into a twitter war with the Wall Street Journal over whether he said "I probably have" a good relationship with little Rocket Man or "I'd probably have". Petty semantics overblown, because we actually do know what you meant there.

Jan 14th - President golfs for 71st in year 1 (taxpayers paying - as always - to golf at a Trump facility.)

Jan 15 - Senators Cotton (R) and Purdue (R) now say they do remember and the President definately did not say "shithole countries".
- After much pushback, a leaker from the White House informs the press that OUR VSG President Tiny Hands now claims he said "shithouse countries" not "shithole countries" - hence the press and Senators Durbin (D) and Graham (R) are lying.