Friday, January 12, 2018

Late To The Party - But I Was Impressed with Dead Wake

For some reason, most of Erik Larson's books don't resonate with me.  White City and Thunderstruck are good books and he does a great job of mixing history with a salacious story usually, but it just doesn't really float my boat (get it).

On the other hand, I loved Dead Wake. I just finished it (after putting down Mr. Larson's books for a while). It is less breathless, but somehow more immediate for me. You know the Lusitania is going down and it helps push the US into war, but the volume of stories he has found is amazing.

Sure there is a little President Wilson side-story that is Danielle Steele-lite, but I could put up with that. It is a very cool book.

The U-boat story is captivating and the stories of the passengers touching.

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