Monday, February 26, 2018

Coral Castle Visit This Week-end

Lynn has moved to Florida and Eddie and I got to visit her this week-end.  It was fun.
The walls of the Coral Castle. The large obelisk weighs approximately 28 tons (25 Metric tons)

On Friday, it was just Lynn and I, so we headed out across the Everglades (more later) to Homestead Florida and the famous "Coral Castle".


It is an odd attraction. A tiny (5'0") guy built essentially an outdoor house using coral. He said it was to inspire his childhood sweetheart from Latvia to move to the states. But there isn't any record that he told her about it.

His quarters atop the tower (which makes me say he either didn't know the secrets of the pyramids - or didn't put that knowledge to great use) His bed was suspended (Florida has lots of bugs)
Since he was so tiny, there is a mystery about how he built the place. It doesn't seem reasonable that he built it using the tools that were around.  Some said it was the same "energy" that built the pyramids, some say he sang to the stones, some said he was an alien.

Lynn at the cooker where he sold hot dogs cooked in an old car differential
But, upon seeing the castle and the grounds - while impressive, it seems as if any of those stories were true then the site would be more impressive. Instead it looks like an amazing, but doable, feat of strength by a little guy.

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